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When in Jerusalem...

#When_in_Jerusalem is a project that Ala initiated to portray life in Jerusalem, her hometown, one photo at a time. 

Jerusalem is a unique city, to say the least. It has been defined as a place of interest throughout history, which resulted in many conflicts over the city. It is of distinctive value to all monotheistic Abrahamic religions.  

Today the status of Jerusalem remains one of the core issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. East or West

Historic or Modern, Religious or Secular, Stones or People, all of it is portrayed in Ala's project: "When in Jerusalem...", her city, her lens, her perception of a city of endless juxtaposition. 

The Holy Land

Born and raised in the Holy Land, Ala feels a constant need to preserve all that she has been brought up to love. 

This is where Christianity was born and spread to the whole world. Every Christian belongs to this land, whether they are able to visit it in their lifetime or not, they can always get to know it through visuals that explain its importance and highlight its Holy places, landmarks, and people. Therefore Ala feels that it is her duty as well as her passion to preserve what she is blessed to live and see in the Holy Land.


Ala has been blessed to have had the opportunity of pursuing her post-graduate studies in International Cooperation and Development: Development Design and Management abroad at the University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy. 

In addition to studying, Ala had traveled around Italy and experienced the different cities and the treasures they have to offer. 

This collection shows the highlights of her travels. 


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Ala loves traveling, to her traveling is a sure way to grow healthy and sound. no experience leaves a person untouched, and there is no more enriching experience than travel.  

Ibn Battuta said: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ala for sure wants her book to have numerous pages, and tell amazing stories. 


This gallery tells the stories of the Greek shores, road trips of Islands, Sunsets on rooftops, and ancient history brought to life. 

The United States

This gallery showcases Ala's captures during her travels around the United States


People you meet along the route of life will encounter a fragment of who you truly are, will get to realize a shard of your identity, and whatever you allowed of your soul to be revealed to them will be retained within them a lifetime, creating an image of you that they can reflect to others.

They say "Others are mirrors to ourselves" ... but what are they actually reflecting?

Some may see you whole despite your deficiencies...
Others may see you deficient no matter how close to perfect you may be...
Some may see your inner self despite the peels you may hide behind...
Others may see you for something that isn't really you
They may miss your true color ...
or portray you in a different color intentionally...
Some may crown you king or queen of their heart...
Others may think you are weak no matter how strong you are...
Some may never estimate you for your own worth ...
Yet the most important question is: How do YOU see yourself?
And the eternal question remains: WHO ARE YOU?
Are you Constant or Changing?
Which Version of yourself are you today?
Who do you want to be ?
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Floral Dream

"Floral Dream" is a fantasy world that Ala has created through the perfect blend of her floral photography and editing skills, resulting in fantasy creations reflecting the moods and emotions of Ala's own self. 

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