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Venice Sunset

Like all things in life light is deceitful.

It can shed its rays on something and show you its finest details; or shed its rays on you and blind you from the broadlines.

Standing here in Venice facing the sun, all that I could see or my lens could capture is a silhouette of buildings, the broadlines of this romantic city. Yet when I turned around and stood my back facing the sun, the minature details of everything within my sight range sparkled crystal clear in front of me.

Maybe it's nature's way of telling us: "When you look back at life you can see it more clearly, while when you look ahead in life all that you can see is uncertainty. Nevertheless if you surrender to your fears and cease to look ahead, you will lose many beautiful things in life, like this beautiful scene of Venice sunset."

Yes right now the past seems bright, clear and familiar; the future looks dim, fuzzy and foreign... yet ahead we walk with steady feet.

#travel #italy #venice

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