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Santorini Bride

Although many advise to plan what you want to photograph when you're travelling, I believe you end up meeting the most beautiful things by coincidence.

When we planned our trip to Greece, I could not fight the urge to visit Santorini. When I reached Santorini I could not fight the urge to visit Oia (Ia). How can I miss this colorful town with the blue domed churches that I have seen in Postcards all over the country? Yet never have I expected to find some newly weds having a photoshoot session at the roof of one of these churches!

There were a bunch of tourist, just like me, pointing their cameras at the bride, trying to take a phtoto to memorize this coincidence. I can guarantee this bride felt she was nothing less than a celebrity! I was lucky enough to capture them in more than one place.

Can I now say there are no coincidences in this life?!

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