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Jerusalem through the Old City Walls

These are the streets the old walls of Jerusalem overlook today.

Paved streets and heavy traffic; tram lines that didn't exist three years ago.

These walls are never bored. With each morning they greet the same sun, yet different rays; sometimes striking as hot as direct flames, other days tickling through the screen of clouds. Everymorning they may touch the legs of the same pigeon, host the same bird; yet each day they listen to a different melodey, a new tune.

At midday the traffic will be unbearable, yet new cars pass in front of these walls each day. The same trees stand tall absorbing the CO2, yet replenishing the walls with new oxygen molecules every single day.

These walls welcome the light of the same street lamps, yet twinkle differently to the tango of light and dew each night. These walls know every leaf, every droplet, every ray and all the winds. These walls have seen it all, have lived through it all, have endured it all, and have also changed all in all.

For even these walls change from day to day, differ from night to night, whether we are aware of it or we tend to forget. But one thing will always remain true and constant, at least within my own heart... the love I hold for these walls,

The Golden Walls of Jerusalem.

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