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The Bell Caves At Bet Guvrin - Beit Jibrin, were hewn during the Byzantine period. They were mainly used as quarries. No place could be more peaceful, and I never knew such a place exists an hour away from Jerusalem until a couple of months ago! 

They certainly strike a...

Do we live in this city or does this city live in us? 

Do we grow old in this city or does this city grow old in us?

Do we walk daily those ancient city alleys or were the real alleys of this city long ago engraved eternally into the sinews of our mere existence?



To Jerusalem my city I yearn to portray, 

feelings that words cannot convey
letters cannot but betray, 

and meanings can be lost halfway
therefore to you my queen I lay, 

your glory that's witnessed everyday
In a humble photo if I may, to Jerusalem my city


This is one of...

Like all things in life light is deceitful. 

It can shed its rays on something and show you its finest details; or shed its rays on you and blind you from the broadlines. 


Standing here in Venice facing the sun, all that I could see or my lens could capture is...

For life sometimes can be .... out of focus!

No matter how hard you try or how eager you are to have your life in order, it tends to slip out of focus every once in a while. 


In photography you have to look at the big picture and decide what elements you want in and wha...

For the most intelligent creatures on this earth, we to tend to forget how to simply Live Life!

Nature and its creatures continously inspire me, for they often succeed where we fail.

They follow their instincts, where we try to hush our intuition. 

They don't quit chasing...

Although many advise to plan what you want to photograph when you're travelling, I believe you end up meeting the most beautiful things by coincidence.


When we planned our trip to Greece, I could not fight the urge to visit Santorini. When I reached Santorini I could n...

These are the streets the old walls of Jerusalem overlook today.

Paved streets and heavy traffic; tram lines that didn't exist three years ago. 


These walls are never bored. With each morning they greet the same sun, yet different rays; sometimes striking...

Salty but Sweet,
Where death and healing meet.
Fear not the water for here you shall never drown.

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