Ala Khayo Makari

Born and raised in Jerusalem, the city of peace that has never known peace, Ala has found in photography the peace that the world lacks. She believes that although human diversity is continuously being used to build up walls among people, a photo can simply knock these walls down. For a photo has the ability to convey the essence of being, uniting its diverse audience in universal humanity.


Ala did not start out her career as a photographer. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree in Accounting, Ala started out her career as an Accountant at Caritas Jerusalem, to be promoted later to a Senior Accountant position. Her photographic journey, however, started whilst studying for her post-graduate degree in International Cooperation and Development at Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, and Pavia University, Italy. In 2009 her husband Sam Makarios decided to surprise her with a unique birthday gift: her first semi-professional camera. Ever since Ala has been capturing life, whether a landscape she adored, a street scene she witnessed, or a pet she cared for.


Photography is not the only form of art Ala likes. She has grown up in an art-loving family, where she learned different handicrafts from her mother Samira Shehadeh, a life-long school teacher. Together they paint on silk and various textiles. They also paint on glass, mirrors, wood, and pottery. They have a passion for assembling ornaments for various occasions and treasure the most the traditional embroidery.


This website is a plateau displaying both Ala's photography and the artworks of both her mother and herself.